Sponsor A Child/Help A Fundraiser

Email Reminder:

There are close to 100 children through the Hope For Hopeless Foster Care Program that are in need of sponsorship each month to provide for their basic needs of food and shelter in Ethiopia, Africa. Hope For The Hopeless is a partner ministry with Ordinary Hero. Our teams are proud to serve at the Hope For The Hopeless orphanages while in Ethiopia. It is our hope to provide much needed sponsorship AS WELL AS provide funds for our affiliate fundraisers all at the same time. 

With your gift of $60 you will provide food and shelter for a child in need in Africa for one month. If you click on an affiliate name at checkout, 30% of your donation will provide funds for our affiliate fundraiser to help them reach their fundraising goal. 

What an awesome way to help two great causes at once with your donation! 

For more information on Hope For The Hopeless ministry in Ethiopia, click here