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About Us

Ordinary Hero's mission is to partner with impoverished communities, advocate for the vulnerable, and empower ORDINARY people to change the life of a child in need.

We have created this fundraising program to empower you to change lives. We strive to raise awareness of the power that Ordinary people have to make an extraordinary difference in a child's life through adoption, outreach, missions, or through your support of an adoption or mission trip. Each donation item purchased will be given to children and families in Ethiopia living in extreme poverty. This program can also raise fundraising support for our affiliates who are striving to make a difference through missions or adoption. Each fundraising affiliate receives 30% of the total purchase when their name is chosen from the drop-down list at the time of checkout. Thank you for your purchase of a donation item. Your support changes lives!

Visit the Ordinary Hero website for more information about Ordinary Hero Foundation. 

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of those we serve, and those who choose to serve with us!